Welcome to 5149 & 1/2 Art! Featuring the artwork of artist ACP. 

“Fifty-one, forty-nine and a half” is a term used in law enforcement out here in California to describe someone who is just a little off, a little weird, a little eccentric. They aren’t full blown crazy at 5150, but they are damn close.  As a former 9-1-1 dispatcher, I thought it was a fitting name for my art because of all the emotion and crazy that finds its way into my work.

Paintings. Toys. Custom flamed and glazed woodworking. 

The artwork is all about creating something truly unique that will bring joy to its owner. I want it to be rich with color. I want it to be full of hidden detail so each time you look, a new aspect catches your eye. But most importantly, I want the audience to be drawn to the piece.To find themselves unable to look away.

5149 & a 1/2 art combines the two things that bring me the most joy in life: creating art and boxer dogs.

Because my boxer dogs inspire me every day and bring me a happiness that helps bring my art to life, 5149 & 1/2 Art helps raise money for rescue boxers. Whether it be donating money directly from profits in our Etsy shop, auctioning unique pieces for medical expenses, or donating art and free customs to fundraisers.

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Contact ACP:  acp@5149andahalfart.com

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