Houdini Box

Houdini Box

This is a wooden box with a Harry Houdini inspired lid. Houdini locked in cuffs is burned and glazed on the lid. The latch is gold with a tiny set of keys attached to the latch.

Tiny key hole locks are embellished around the sides. The sides of the box are burned on the grain, giving a pin-striping effect.

The box is stained golden oak and varnished several coats.

Size is 6in long by 5in wide by 3in tall.

For every box we sell priced over $10, we donate $10 dollars to a boxer rescue for medical needs boxers. We call it “Boxes for Boxers”. So thank you for your support!

This is a unique piece that any fan of Houdini would appreciate. The pictures don’t really do enough justice. The coloring came out fantastic on this box.

I only make one of every piece so once this sells, it is gone for good. I can do a custom version for you, with a different lid or different style box. Feel free to ask any questions.

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