High Fructose Zombies custom!

After seeing Sarah Braly’s High Fructose Zombie display at PIQ’s Grand Central terminal location, I instantly became a fan of her work. The originality of it, the quality, the eye popping color of it all….(I should actually note that I didn’t get to see the display in person because I don’t live in NYC. But my mom at the time did. Being a gamer, she went down there and took a zillion pictures for me. Even called me to discuss what she would buy me and ship back home. My mom is awesome like that.)

So mom purchased for me a Zombie cupcake and Zombie Sundae. Both of which I love (and can be purchased from her etsy store at very reasonable prices.)

I wanted something bigger though for my new display case. Something that I couldn’t just find in the store. I chose a banana split for this very reason. It would be the first one she would do. Plus, as a child, I have very fond memories of my mom and I picking up my grandma and taking her to Foster Freeze for lunch. Then we would all three split a banana split.

Here is the finished piece, on its way to me now!  I cannot wait to have it in my hot little hands 🙂 Thank you Sarah Braly for this awesome artwork.


You can find her etsy shop at: High Fructose Zombies

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