June News at 5149 & 1/2 Art!


New items added to the Etsy Shop!  This month, the shop is supporting MustLuvBoxers Rescue in Edmonds, Washington. To learn more about their organization and see available dogs, click here. 

Some new paintings have been added to the galleries on our website, including recent work:

"Big Bang" 16x20 $125
“Big Bang” 16×20 $125
"Metamorphisis" 10x20 gesso board $120
“Metamorphosis” 10×20 gesso board $120

Prices in the galleries have changed in many cases (some dramatically lower so keep an eye out). If you see something in the gallery that you like, but don’t see it on the etsy shop, message me via facebook or email gbeatle66@gmail.com for price inquires. Some of the larger paintings are not on etsy due to size/shipping constraints.

There has been a slight delay in opening our etsy shop to international shipping. I apologize for that. The hope is to be up and running by July.

We got some big news this week that we are not quite able to share yet. But I can say that the next few summer months marks the beginning of 5149 & 1/2 Arts foray into designer toy production.  As a collector, it has always been a dream of mine to design and make my own toys. I am finally ready to start making that dream a reality. So I will be doing custom box orders as they come, but painting will be on hold for a while. You will see the first glimpses of the new toy work soon.

Lastly, we are instagram now @5149andahalfart. To see more behind the scenes pics, in progress work and of course, lots of pictures of my boxers Buck and Mook, follow us there. You can also follow this blog by clicking the Follow tab near the top of the page.

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