The David Lozeau Print/Custom box Fundraiser for Sachi Animal Rescue

Artist and boxer owner David Lozeau has kindly donated a set of 6 prints to help raise money for rescue boxers at Sachi Animal Rescue. We will be auctioning off these prints on our facebook page. The top six bidders will receive a print (choice of print determined by amount, meaning lowest gets the print that is left). But the highest bidder will receive not only their choice of print, but a CUSTOM BOX made by me. Bidding starts now at $25 and will end June 27th at noon (California time). Please bid in whole dollar increments, not change.

The 8 x 10 prints are produced with archival ink on glossy paper and are perfect for those of you who prefer to frame your art.

Example of box you can win
Example of box you can win

The box will be 7in x 7.5in x 3in tall in size. It will feature on the lid an original picture chosen by the winnerr. The picture will be glazed and burned on to the wood, using a mini blow torch and a technique perfected over hundreds of pieces to create a truly original, unique burn effect on the wood . The edges of the lid are also burned. I can add lettering to the front like the example pictured if desired. The box is stained golden oak and varnished. The latch and hinges are gold in color.

To learn more about Sachi Animal Rescue and see some of their available, beautiful dogs click here.

To see more of David Lozeau’s artwork click here. To see more custom box artwork click here.

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