The Sachi Animal Rescue Fundraiser is Over!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the fundraiser for the David Lozeau Print and Custom large box. We raised a total of $335 dollars for rescue boxers at Sachi.

1. Carla Mancera Strachtan $100 (winner of the box and print)

2.  Amy Engrahm $80 (winner of print)

3.  Rhiannon Rodriquez $75 (winner of print)

4. Lupe Marquez $50 (winner of print)

5. Laura Phillips $30 (winner of print)

6. if you want the last print available for $20 please message me via fb. First come, first serve.

Winners: You can pay via the paypal link here

Those of you that won a print, please message me via facebook which print you would like. Please choose three in order of your top choice, second, third etc. To the winner of the custom box, please message me the picture you would like to use on the lid. And we can discuss other options as well 🙂

All the winners are more than welcome to a discount as well in my etsy shop whether it be a custom or original art. Just send me a message on fb or through etsy if you want to cash in on that.

To see more of David Lozeau’s work click here.

To learn more about Sachi Animal Rescue and see available dogs for adoption, or to volunteer, click here.

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