Today’s Work and Progress

Finished a couple pieces today…the first is another Houdini resin figure. As a Houdini fan, I had so much fun creating the first piece. I wanted to see if I could maybe top it or at least go next level. I think I accomplished that. The second piece is named after one of my favorite artists, Aaron Woes Martin. I discovered him on my last trip to Hawaii during Pow Wow 2015 and have been in love with his work ever since. There’s also a Key & Peele reference in there…as a former dispatcher I always loved that sketch with the substitute teacher mis-pronouncing the names of the students. I’ve heard so many similar mishaps on the other end of the radio…

Houdini Key piece
Houdini Key piece
A-Aron Panda King piece
A-Aron Panda King piece

I almost finished a third figure. This one is going to be named ‘Spaceman Spiff’. I love the shape of the head. I just need to figure out how I want to paint it….


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