Back from New York Comic Con!

IMG_20151008_181741 IMG_20151008_132137532 IMG_20151008_132142947 IMG_20151011_163947

Finally back from New York Comic Con 2015! It was my first time going. Absolutely insane….had a blast and really can’t thank you the crew at Martian Toys enough for having some of my pieces in their booth. Met a lot of great people and talented artists out there. Even had an oppurtunity to set up the booth. Which was like Christmas (except I didn’t get to keep everything), opening box after box of designer art toys. The whole trip left me feeling excited and definitely inspired.

It also left me with a cold….cooties from JFK most likely. But even though I am under the weather, I was able to bust out some painting today to keep the creative juices flowing.


Both are 12×36 in size. The left one is “Watermelon Crush” and the one on the right is “No Doubt”

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