Prepping for Designer Con!

So I’m pretty much set for Designer Con at this point. Now I’m just trying to add some things to my inventory. So today, I went and replaced the circular head on Prince Charming with a ‘traditional’ love slave head. I plan to the do the same for the other two LOVE word versions of Esclavos. Just to keep the style similar.


I then finished the paint job on my little guy I was initially calling Ernest. But now I think he definitely looks more like a Hemingway.


Finally, I came up with a way to attach the drift wood surfboards on Avacabro. Seeing it like this made me think the sunset would look way better running along the board than it would the head. All I have left to do now is handpaint that sunset on. Add California of course 🙂 And then touch up the paint here and there. I hope to have a set of 10 of these guys for Designer Con.


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