Boxer Statue Auction begins November 13th Noon (Cali time)

Statue #1 (red Love, green chest)
Statue #2 (pink love, orange/yellow chest)

Both Boxer Statues are now finished! These are made of resin and stand 12 inches tall. These unique, ‘flashy’ boxers are one of a kind. Featuring urban style spray paint coloring around.  The word ‘love’ is graffitied across the chest. Along with my signature love slave wire heart. It’s the boxer version of the Esclavo de Amor designer toys I’m known for. Both statues will be auctioned off on the 5149 and a half art facebook page.

Here are the auction details and official rules:

The auction will begin on November 13th at noon (California time) and end November 15th at noon (California time). Most of the proceeds raised from the auction will go to rescue boxers at Legacy Boxer Rescue.( I plan on only taking out what is necessary to cover expenses of making/shipping the statues out.)

Both versions will be posted again before the auction so people will have plenty of time to choose/decide whether to bid. Bidding will start at $30 and go in whole dollar increments (meaning don’t up the bid by .25 cents…. A dollar, 5 dollars, ten dollars, whatever. Just no change).

You are more than welcome to bid on both statues. Bidding will be done on the auction post for each statue on the facebook page in the comment section. The auction post will go up at exactly noon (California time) on November 13th. A post will appear for each statue. Again, you can bid on both. Just means you have to comment dollar amounts on each picture.

I will contact the winner via facebook once the auction ends. The winner will have 24 hours to pay from when the auction ends at noon (California time) on November 15th via paypal only (no, I’m not accepting a check in the mail). If the winner fails to pay in the time frame, the next person up will be contacted. They will ship from here in California via USPS Priority Mail as soon as payment is received.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me via email: or via direct message on the facebook page prior to the beginning of the auction on November 13th.

As of right now, I only have 1 other statue of these and whether I will sell it, keep it or auction it off via another rescue is still up in the air. So I cannot duplicate these. I cannot sell them before the auction no matter how much money you offer me. If you want one of these, then I recommend bidding. It appears the likelihood of finding more of these is pretty much slim to none.



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