Where Are All the Customs in the Etsy Shop?!

I’m getting a lot of emails/messages etc about the change in our etsy shop. Custom ordering is not an option at this time. But do not fret. The customs come back on November 22nd. That still gives you plenty of time to order custom boxes etc for the holidays.The reason for the pause has been the acceleration of our Designer Toys, including our first New York Comic Con appearance and our upcoming booth/debut at Designer Con in Pasadena. We also got our first inclusion at an art gallery. So to put it simply, I’ve been super busy trying to grow 5149 & 1/2 Art.

Customs return November 22nd. I’ll be taking a limited number for the holidays (basically the amount I can reasonably do before Christmas). So please get your order in asap. Holiday orders will not be guaranteed if ordered after December 15th (unless you are local, your cutoff is December 20th).

Starting January 2016, we will see where things are at, and whether customs will be available 24/7 as they had been previously or if a limit will be necessary from now on to keep original artwork flowing.

Thank you for your patience! As we grow bigger, so can our abilities for helping rescue boxers. 🙂


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