Boxer Surprise for Christmas!

Someone amazing has generously purchased one of these bad boys for one of our lucky Facebook followers. I am going to post who that lucky person is and a peek at the finished piece tomorrow on the Facebook page by noon Cali time. Until then, I’ll post some in progress pictures here.

Now for all the people messaging about ‘how do I get a statue?!’ So here is the deal: I had no idea when I did the LBR auction that these things would be so popular. It has literally been a feeding frenzy. In the interest of keeping things as fair as possible, here is how you get a statue. 1. I have two that will go in the etsy shop. One going in dec 4th by noon. The other I am not sure yet but I always post a heads up on the fb post. You would be fighting other people to be first one to the shop to buy but this gives everyone a shot. 2. you can ask to be on the waiting list. As I come across more statues, I will buy them, contact the next person up on the list and they get a chance to buy one. To be added to the wait list, message me on Facebook.


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