Boxer Statue Winner!

If you don’t follow our facebook page, firstly, you are missing out. Secondly, we have had some excitement over the past couple days that I will catch you up on. A very, very generous person decided to purchase one of our boxer ‘love’ graffitti statues and GIVE IT to a complete stranger. The anonymous donor was so touched by all the work this particular person did for boxers that she just thought the least she could do was get her one of the statues she had been posting about wanting.

Today we announced who that lucky recipient is:

Sharon with Legacy Boxer Rescue.

My faith in humanity has often been tested seeing what I have in my prior line of work and the things that happen to helpless boxer dogs. But to have someone spend such a large sum of money on a stranger like this….well my faith in people is restored.

I am so honored to have taken part in this gift. And to have so many people clamoring to get a piece of my work. I cant say enough how truly blessed I am.


The next statue open to everyone for purchase will go in our Etsy shop December 4th BY noon California time. The one after that is still a secret. (Since you’re reading this though I will give you a hint: ‘Dakota’. )

You can also get on the wait list. As I find more statues, I contact people on the wait list in order and they have a chance to purchase one. Right now the list is pretty long but can’t hurt if you really, really must have one of these.

**on a side note, I don’t accept bribes. But if you are willing to donate $500 to a boxer rescue of my choice, I will do a statue for you right away, no waiting for $150 (plus shipping). That is the only way to win me over 🙂


2 thoughts on “Boxer Statue Winner!

  1. I would love to get on your waiting list. I’m old and just not that good with Facebook! I live in Houston tx and love all that legacy boxer rescue does. What an amazing organization! I have two wonderful boxers Sophie and carter and if I could afford 20 more I would so take them in. Thanks for adding me to your boxer statue list!!!

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