Boxer Statues and Boxer Rescues

Working on some statues going to two different rescues for fundraising during a break in the rain. Not one statue has raised less than $200 for rescue boxers. It has been an absolute privilege and joy to be a part of this. It is one thing for people to enjoy your work and want to pay for it. But another thing entirely to be able to use my work to help others. In this case, my favorite breed.


As you can see, management is not contributing to the painting process. But their job is usually to just sit there and look pretty. And I think they nailed that.


Two of these statues are being auctioned off at different rescues in the coming week. The rest are available in our Etsy shop. Once the ones in the shop sell, that will be it  on statues. I will only make them available to rescues for fundraising.

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