Broken Tropical Snowglobe

“Broken Tropical Snowglobe” 16×20 on wood

This painting was new for me in a lot of ways. For one, I set out with every intention of painting something specific right from the get go. I rarely ever do that. I prefer to just go and let my feelings guide the brush. But here, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a picture of what it would look like to take a snow globe with a tropical scene trapped inside, and just slam it against the wall so it comes crashing to the floor in pieces. The liquid, the scene, the colors, everything spilling all over the place making a colorful mess. But also taking the light radiating from that miniature scene and snuffing it out.

I also tried some different brush stroke techniques. New color mixes. Lastly, I tried to keep it simple. I usually like to use every square inch of the canvas. Contained chaos I like to think of it. But here I wanted a background of sorts. The wall the snow globe has hit up against. The brief moments before all hell breaks loose.



The center glows in the dark an aqua blue. Hard to capture a great picture of it. I just remember as a child thinking the inside of a snow globe was more than just water. It just seemed somehow magical. That bioluminescent glow captures that.


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