Limited Edition “Bogies” coming to the shop

Bogie wtext

Releasing this Saturday in the etsy shop  at 5pmPST, “Bogie”.

One of a kind, boxer art pieces!

Designed with one of the most famous boxer owners in mind, this 3.5 inches tall, 5 inches wide figure is a beautiful combination of nostalgia and whim. The resin body features one of a kind, hand painted abstracts with flecks of gold to catch the light, making each one slightly unique. A porcelain boxer puppy sits patiently watching a wire wrapped and bejewelled dog bone dangle above. The head is made of wood, stained around an ink drawing and capped with a dog paw. He stands on a stained wood flat, which is signed and numbered on the bottom.

This is an edition of 6. Each figure will come in its own box, with a signed and numbered card varifying its an original work by me.

Each figure is remarkibly original, with variants in the handpainted bodies, the wire work and colors of the beadwork. So each one will be listed separatly so you can pick the one that grabs you.

Price is $125 (shipping will be $8)



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