Letter B


So these are made of metal. They are 20 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick. Hand painted and glazed. Two small hook/rings are built into the back side for hanging.

This one will go into the Etsy shop tomorrow afternoon unless claimed. If you want to order a custom version, you can. The price is $150 (plus $10 shipping) for a custom. Let me clarify custom first though…custom means you choose the colors of the background. If you want to choose colors on the dogs, like make all the boxers fawns, that can be done too. The font for Love will remain the same style, but again you can choose the color.

**Please do not expect me to paint your exact dog(s) on a custom B. If you want to change everything up completely on the B, that would raise the price significantly.It is an option but please discuss details with me beforehand.

If you are with a rescue and want to order one for fundraising purposes, please message me on Facebook or email. They will be handled similar to the boxer statues if you have done one of those through me before. The exception being I can only do 1 Letter B for rescues/month. Because some people are pretending to be with rescues in order to get free merchandise or discounted merchandise, if you are with a rescue I haven’t worked with I am going to have to verify that you are with the rescue AND you are speaking on their behalf. Rescues will only be responsible for material cost. I will cover labor and art product used. Usually the ‘winner’ of auctions covers shipping. If you plan to use this piece ‘live’ however and need the Letter B shipped back to you, that cost would have to be covered by the rescue as well. I cannot cover shipping on all these to rescues. To get an idea of what that would look like numbers wise, message or email. (these look fantastic in person and can easily bring in a good chunk of change at a live event).

Any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email me at acp@5149andahalfart.com or message through the facebook page.

Buck and the B

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