New in the Etsy Shop…

A set of four 10 x 10 abstract acrylic and ink canvas paintings just listed in the Etsy shop at $25/piece.

“Blackberries” 10×10 $25
“Summer Wind” 10×10 $25
“Poison in the Water” 10×10 $25
“Civil Disobedience” 10×10 $25

5 thoughts on “New in the Etsy Shop…

  1. I would love to purchase the four! My whole house looks like this! My problem is that I’m an old lady and I’m having a heck of a time finding your art on etsy– if you will respond to me on email and tell me how to purchase these, I would LOvE it. Thanks so much! Jan Hermes

  2. Sorry I’m responding so late Jan. I’ve been sick all week and went to bed without seeing this. I see you found “Blackberries” on Etsy. I’ll respond there

    1. It seems that blackberries was gone but I ordered the other 3 and would love the colors in blackberries to complete the set. I’m sorry to be such a pain. I think I’m catching on to this!! I hope you feel better!

  3. I would love to have blueberries.. I finally figured out how to order… I think !!! I ordered the other 3 but blueberry was gone. I would love another one to complete the set!!! I’m so bad at this and I can’t find your email!!! If you can make another one that would be great and I can get my cc info to you. I hope you feel better!! Jan Hermes (

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