New and Improved C Monsters!

I finally found the right kind of eyes to go on my C Monsters! Only took several months but now, these guys are ready to go. The new and improved C Monsters are in both the toy shop and our Etsy Shop.

They have a distressed blue wooden head with newly added roll around eyes. Hand carved edges and a smiling mouth with a long copper tongue.The dark blue resin body is splattered with teal and black. They hold a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

Limited edition of two.

Each figure purchased comes signed on the stand verifying that this is an original piece of art created by me. Along with a signed and numbered toy card.

While it is a designer ‘toy’, this is not meant to be played with in the traditional toy sense. It is more of an art sculpture and collectible meant to be admired than hands on, interactive entertainment. It should be handled with care. It is not suitable for children.

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