Management is celebrating a birthday today!

Took the day off, at managements request of course, to celebrate my boys 9th birthday today! The VP in charge of shipping stayed home, while the Senior Executive and I spent the day at the dog beach in Santa Cruz (he had a choice between Monterey and Santa Cruz, he went SC. I know…tough life this one has). He ran around with a ton of different dogs, digging in the sand and of course, trying his very best not to get wet. After a few hours we left. Made a brief lunch stop and then it was nap time at Grandmas. He is now enjoying his ‘birthday cake’ with his sister and I’m sure it will be back to curling up on the couch.

I will be back to work tomorrow. Coming to the shop October 1st: several pumpkin shaped wood paintings (a few of which will be boxer themed). I have some more boxer angel wing metal hangings that should be finished by then as well. And some framed coffin shaped paintings. You can also order custom coffin shaped wooden boxes with art of your choosing on the lid.

Now for those crazy boxer lovers out there….pictures from today. Thank you everyone for the well wishes. If you want to cash in today’s offer of buy one, get the second painting 50% off, just message me to get the invoice set up.

Starting the morning with some strawberries (his favorite) with breakfast
Loading up the car. As usual, he is not doing any of the work 🙂
Avoiding the water at all costs
Mitchell’s Cove Santa Cruz
Pooped out at Grandma’s house….

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