“Beyond Limits” series

The “Beyond Limits” series for me is about capturing the bursting colors in the darkness of outer space, while also challenging the expectations of what a rocket is supposed to look like. Instead of the dull, colorless look of cold metal, I wanted blinding color and beauty. I wanted the outside to look like the hopes and dreams of astronauts inside. The anticipation, fear, excitement, enthusiasm etc of the astronauts as they launch in the sky at hurdling speeds towards the unknown.

The series is a total of five matted and framed paintings of very colorfully hand painted wooden rocket. Each abstract rocket includes a burst of fire captured by twisted gold tin. Blue stars jump out of the darkness as planets float in the background.

Each painting is named after a female astronaut. Because who better to represent breaking expectations.

They will be available January 2nd in our Etsy shop.


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