Good News from Management!

We helped raise $4,705 dollars this year for rescue boxers! This blew our 2015 totals out of the water! Thank you everyone who helped us achieve this goal.
A special thank you to all the volunteers and the people behind the scenes who rescue. I see on your personal facebook pages the tireless work you do day in and day out, only to be tagged again at the end of the day with another post of a boxer who needs saving. All I do is paint. You guys are the real heroes down in the trenches making sacrifices to help these dogs. Thank you so much for the everything that you do.
This is the last day to support rescue boxers at Sachi Animal Rescue with a purchase from the Etsy shop. It’s also the last day to use any coupon codes you may have.
2017 is going to be a big year. We will post a preview of whats in store for the coming year on our website for those of you that follow.
Management will now go back to barking at every person who walks by the front of the house….

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