Painting of the Month-January


Painting of the Month- January

This month I decided to go with the most popular painting I’ve ever done.

“Grace Slick” 6×6 canvas

That’s right….the most popular painting I’ve ever done….the one with the most views, likes, comments etc in my shop and on social media is a small canvas that I titled after a fellow artist. Now I know MOST of the comments, likes etc were more a result of people finding the painting because they thought it was BY Grace Slick. So yes, I know it’s kinda cheating.

This is one of the ‘oldest’ canvas paintings I still have in the shop. It was done alongside five other paintings. And around the time that I had just gotten ‘serious’ about selling my artwork.

I used ink and airbrushing paints (without an airbrush gun) to create the wavy effect on black canvas. This is when I started incorporating gold flakes into my work as well.

Around this time I was enjoying a photography book featuring a collection of Linda McCartney’s work (which I highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of the 1960s and the music of that era). Listening to a lot of Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin while painting. And this painting came from all of that. I feel like there should be a more exciting story behind it. But like so many of my pieces that year, my art was a mixture of being emotionally drained from lack of sleep and trying to paint the feelings that came from certain songs.

You can find “Grace Slick” in the etsy shop!

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