Painting of the Month- May

tahoe fireworks cu

This month’s painting is a 12×12 titled “Tahoe Fireworks”

The story behind this is pretty self-explanatory I guess in terms of the title in comparison to most of my other titles. I usually prefer not ‘giving it away’ so to speak. Titles that people can get their own interpretations just as they can the artwork. But since I set out from the beginning to paint something specific, I gave in on the title.

I had a string of paintings around this time (this is an early one, around 2013) featuring one of my favorite artistic inspirations, the aurora borealis. So for this I wanted to change it up a bit. I’ve spent plenty a 4th of July or Labor day weekend in Lake Tahoe. The fireworks show is pretty spectacular. You already have the amazing views and beauty of Tahoe, but in the absolute dark with that light show….extraordinary.

To capture this I started with a black canvas. And then I used almost all inks. I painted on my favorite table using the sloped surface to my advantage. The key was making sure the inks stayed plenty wet and then letting them swirl with gravity. While still very much wet, I added some acrylics. The paint breaks into smaller pieces and those float in the ‘stream’ of ink, giving the painting the detailing.

This is definitely one of those paintings I thought for sure, someone will snatch this one quick. But here it is. Good news for me is I get to enjoy it longer as it hangs on my wall.

Available in the shop now.


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