“Honey” is coming to NYC!

Well, I didn’t think I would be able to finish him in time. Or that I had room to fit him. But it looks like “Honey” is making the trip to NYC!


Honey is breathtakingly elaborate in person…

The head is a burned, stained and hand painted wooden head. The mohawk ‘hair’ is flamed copper. The resin body is coated in butterscotch and orange vitrail, giving it a glistening honey look, that drips down on to the stand in a wavy pattern. In one hand, a gold pole with wooden honey comb at the end. In the other, intricate wire and bead work. Bees dance around the figure.

The figure itself stands about 3.5 inches tall. With the honeycomb though it is about 5 inches tall altogether.

Signed underneath the stand. With a signed and numbered toy card.

It will be available first at Booth #128 at Five Points Festival NYC this weekend. If no one picks it up then, I will list it in the toy shop Monday afternoon.

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