Back from Five Points Festival!


Five Points Festival in NYC was amazing to say the least! The venue was perfect. The artwork on display top notch. And I had the opportunity to speak with a lot of different artists (including one on one with Ron English) and fans without it being overwhelmingly packed the way it feels at NYC Comic Con.

The few items left over from Five Points are in the toy shop now, including the popular Stormtrooper figures ‘Not the Droid You’re Looking for’, one of ones ‘The Photographer’ and ‘Dance with Death’ and the last couple Wild Bills ‘Dead Man’s Hand’. We sold out of the Boba Fett ‘Flying Solos’, and the few Gentlemen Jax and Bad Mallows we brought to the venue. But there are still some in the store, including limited edition variations on each.

The most common questions I was asked:

  1. What are these made of? Someone thought paper if you can believe that. Each figure has a combination of resin, wood, metal, and mixed media and are hand-made. And even when I do a couple of the same theme, the painting and wire work is always unique to the particular figure. The small batch editions are always in quantities under 25 (and more like 10).
  2. How long does it take you to make each figure? Depends really on the inspiration behind the figure. Sometimes, I just know exactly what I want to do and can finish a figure in a matter of days. Other times, it may take a couple of weeks to fully envision what I want and finish.
  3. Do you do customs or larger versions? Yes. Custom commission requests can be emailed to As for larger versions, those are in the works. And the plan is to debut these figures at Designer Con 2017.
  4. Why the blockheads? I love using different mediums (the wood head with the resin body) and I really liked all the options a blockhead offered stylistically. I could paint on one side, two sides, all four plus the top, etc. Plus, it reminds me of my all time favorite cartoon Gumby. The work of Art Clokey has always been an inspiration.

The best part of everything really was hearing this common theme from fans and vendors alike: “your work looks like nothing else here”. People kept telling me how much the pieces were more like art than simply toy, and how they’d never seen anything like it. That has always been my goal. I consider it a huge compliment to hear my work is unique even when people don’t necessarily like it enough to purchase.

I learned a lot from this experience and have a good feeling about Designer Con 2017. Especially since I will be pairing up with the very talented Mr. Mars Studios.

Till next year Five Points!

highlights from NYC


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