Supernatural custom figure

My neice asked me to make a Supernatural art toy for her and what my neice wants, my neice. So under the pressure of trying to be the coolest aunt ever, I came up with this simple little guy. 

He’s 3 inches tall. A resin body painted with Baby (the classic Chevelle from the show) on the chest coming out of the fog. The wooden head features a Winchester brother on either face burned and stained into the wood. The infamous symbol from the show burned into the top of the head. In one hand, John Winchester’s journal. In the other, The Colt. A couple of ghosts float behind. 

I wanted to keep everything simple. After so many seasons of the show, I had plenty of elements to choose from. Down the line I’ll do a bigger figure using more of those elements. But for now, I like him being a minimal, classic “Idjit”.

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