“Mr. J”

“Mr. J”

This twisted abstract version of the Joker features a translucent purple resin body with splashes of green and copper. On his chest is the classic fake flower with acid squirting from it. In one hand, a Joker card. In the other, a fired pistol with a ‘Bang’ banner hanging from it. His wooden head is burned, stained and splashed with white. His eyes are skulls. His mouth is carved and hand painted. With a green bottle cap mohawk hairdo.

He is a one of one. He stands 3.5 inches tall on a signed wooden stand.

He never made it to the toy shop. He sold immediately upon being posted on Instagram. To get a first look at finished pieces as well as a peek at projects in the works, follow our Instagram @5149andahalfart or our Facebook page .

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