Boxer Art in 2018!


As my little art company continues to grow, boxer fundraising will remain a large part of what we do alongside the paintings and art toys. I spent the last few months of 2017 trying to come up with a way of making my boxer artwork a more powerful tool for rescue fundraising, while not overextending myself time/financial wise.  And came up with a new system that is different from what we’ve done in the past (a boxer artwork section in the shop that donated a portion of sales, and occasionally donating pieces of artwork to rescues throughout the year).

2018 will be the test run for the new system. I’ll have three different auctions on my facebook page throughout the year (I’ll post the dates on the events page in a couple weeks when the first one goes live). Plus one big art show/auction in October that will feature a bunch of different artists and boxer artwork. Where all funds raised will go to rescue boxers.

The auctions will feature a few different pieces by me that will be available for bidding. And then one special ‘big’ item that will be in a raffle. All the funds generated from the raffle will be donated to a boxer rescue. And I’ll choose a different rescue each time. I will continue to donate pieces throughout the year to different rescues that contact me. But in short, I will not have a boxer art section in the shop.

The first auction of the year is going to start January 23, 2018. I will make an event on the facebook page along with an album of the items. Right now, I’m on schedule to have 8-10 items (including the hand painted pendant in the picture above) along with the ‘big’ item (you can see a glimpse of it in the picture as well. It’s a boxer puppy statue). I have not chosen the rescue yet that will benefit from the raffle (open to suggestions if you want to message me).  And we’ll see how this first one goes!

Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for sneak peeks of items that will be in the auction and then the event/album.

In the meantime, the Etsy shop is closing and everything available for purchase will be added into one shop. I’ve added a bunch of paintings that were previously unavailable for purchase to the shop as well. New figures will start to appear in February.


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