Minor Fixes….?

So a while back I got a message from a client asking me to do a minor fix. The piece was an older one of mine, a little Mermaid fan art piece. It looked in the picture like the foot was coming up off the shell and it needed a re-glue. Easy peasy, I said. Get me the piece.

And that is when it arrived….in a tote bag…..like this….

IMG_20180413_092657700~2 (1)

Inside was more than just that little Mermaid piece. A Disneyland glass dome piece I had also done was in there. Both in pieces…

To say I was upset would be an understatement. As an artist who puts so much of my heart and soul into each piece I create, to see it in pieces like this is like a punch to the gut.

I started first on the Disneyland piece. Luckily the glass dome was still intact. The main issue was re-attaching the ears on the Mickey hat more securely. That required some fine drill/carving just right to let the ears ‘sit’ better. I tweaked the wire. Painted some touch ups. And re-secured the figure to the main street base.

IMG_20180422_121122_412 (1)

The little Mermaid required a complete re-build. The shell was damaged. The wire work was all messed up and weakened. The head was banged up…

So I did some colorful splashes on the head and body. Re-glossed the body. And then frosted the head to look like sea glass. I also re-charged the glow in the GID effect of the head. The body was re-secured to the shell in two places to prevent it from doing what it had before.

As for the wire work, I did the whole thing over again. New, thinner gauge blue wire mixed in with a thicker aqua wire and colorful bead work, and the familiar characters from the film. I am very happy with how it turned out. Both figures are now off on their journey back home.



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