The recent painting style

IMG_20180419_150551 (1)

Recently my painting style took a huge change in direction from my previous work. And I’ve been getting messages asking how that happened. Like any good artist, I have an answer: I don’t know 🙂

Ok, that’s not entirely true.

I’ll just explain it as best I can with brutal honesty.

I’ve noticed shifts in my style coincide with larger changes in my mood and emotion overall.  Management’s illness has progressed rapidly this year. He has lost his ability to use his wheelchair and he is approaching quickly becoming a quadriplegic. Tough choices are ahead. I find myself perpetually unfulfilled, immensely lonely and quick to anger. I have no empathy for anyone elses problems. Most of all, I’m sad…

I find myself longing for a happiness I know I will not find. But as usual, keeping everything hidden so as not to upset people around me.

The depths of all this emotion are intense. And im haunted by an image that I cannot get out of my head. A desire to paint it from every angle I can only compare to an addiction. I still feel like I haven’t quite captured it how I like. How many more of these I’ll do, I don’t know. But until this need goes away, this is the style that keeps coming out.

Up to this point, my paintings have been emotions mainly. Trying to give a visual to things that are felt but not seen. Now I find myself painting the same portrait over and over from every different angle. And every time I finish, I feel a short rush of joy. Followed by that need to start another.

Someone described the new look as being like a Rorschach test. That’s definitely one way of looking at it.

You can find the new work in the shop on both canvas, mini canvas and panel board.






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