“Hopeless Romantic” 12×16

Normally, I paint fast. Especially black canvas. Because I typically use a lot of inks and fluids, I have to go quickly to get the desired effects while things are still wet.

But today, I was in a mood 🙂 The kind of mood where I felt energized. Like I knew I had hit that next level in my art. And thanks to Management being particularly onery (which always reminds me of the medulla oblongata thanks to Waterboy), I sat down and tried to exercise patience. To really make sure I went slow, no inks or fluid.

The result: doing a little of my best happy trees Bob Ross impression (and a back ache from huddling over the canvas), is this colorful 12×16 canvas “Hopeless Romantic”.

I will add it to the shop tomorrow May 26th by noon PST.

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