Painting of the Month- JUNE

“Wrapped in Soft Honey” 12×12

This 12×12 panel began as one of my usual Rorschach style abstracts, with the exception of using ash gray as the background color. I always have a hard time using gray. Even though I tend to love the monochrome look in other artists work (JPK is a prime example).  So I think that gray sparked a feeling of experimenting and trying something a little different.

The main inspiration for this was someone dear to me talking about a writer she liked. And how she wanted to wrap the authors words around her like soft honey. It was such a beautiful description. I had to try and get that feeling.

The background is all acrylic. I wanted it to be colorful and busy like the buzzing of bees. Gold flakes have a distressed, peeling look over the honeycomb pattern, adding to the chaos. The bees were the final touch. And they are done using my favorite paint, Vitrail, so they have a thick but very smooth texture to them.

I don’t know if the painting is as beautiful as the words of the writer my friend was talking about. I imagine the subject the writer speaks of would be so stunningly beautiful, it would take several different tries to capture that on canvas. And be worth all the time it took to feel like it was never quite good enough….

You can find “Wrapped in Soft Honey” in the shop. 



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