Day 1 of Five Points festival is done….

I’ll tell this story how my husband likes to tell stories: unnecessarily long with random details 🙂

First night in NYC I had to eat at my absolute favorite place, Limon Jungle. As Stefon says, this place has everything….strong drinks, great inexpensive food and best of all, empanadas.

I had a banana mojito, Hawaiian empanadas and the El Dorado (which is like a cheesy gordita crunch from Taco Bell if TB tasted healthy or fresh).

Next morning was all about MoMA. The current exhibition is fantastic. And I got to see my favorite artist, Kandinsky. Along with some Pollack. A Frida. Van Gogh’s Starry Night (which I do NOT understand why people take pictures standing next to that painting. But then again, no flash seems to be difficult for people to understand so who knows).

Then lunch in the Bubble garden at Tavern on the Green.

Swung by the Dakota.

I really wanted to see Belvedere Castle but it was closed for renovations.

Closest I got was Shakespeare’s garden.

After all the walking, dinner at Victor’s. I have a nostalgic love for Cuban food. And rum drinks. But that’s another story.

So here we finally get to the show. Five Points festival at the Brooklyn expo center.

Day one was busy. Lots of steady traffic at the booth. Sales. Seems the dragons are the most popular item at the booth. Almost sold out the first day. Just have the sets left. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

And if you’re wondering, I’ve been told Management does not miss me…

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