Dcon or Bust!

Decided pretty late in the game to build a display specifically for my fire breathing dragons. Because I apparently like creating more work for myself when I’m battling the tail end of morning sickness…

I got a few wooden castles. And after much deliberation on color choice, decided on a Castle Grayskull green look.

Not a great set of pictures considering how smitten I am with how they turned out. But I’ll be sure to get better photos when it’s up at the show. Hopefully it draws people to the booth.

Next up, finishing two more versions of my favorite villain, the Joker.

I need to add their miniature Joker playing cards in the right hands. And come up with names (suggestions welcome). But that makes six different versions coming to the show with me.

To close out the day and just decompress, I started a 20×20 canvas.

Ran out of good light so I’ll have to finish tomorrow in between packing up for Anaheim, and walking Management (who is none to happy we skipped a walk today. The air quality though here is horrible with all the fires.)

Designer Con starts November 16-18th at the Anaheim Convention Center. I’ll be in booth 843 with my equally colorful peer, Mr. Mars Studios.

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