Checking in…

I’ve hit a kind of ‘painters block’ of late with my muse. But I’ve had some release this week that I will credit with prepping for the birth of my son. The nursery theme is going to be Calvin and Hobbes.

The plan initially was paint all the walls in murals. Build in a tree fort. Do something with a small radio flyer….

Until I came down from my Pinterest crack high and really thought about all that work….

So now it’s big canvases. I’ve been working on a few this week. Just need to clean up the lines.

While waiting on this second one to dry, I started in on a 12×12 gesso board panel. I didn’t expect much. But next thing you know, several days later, “Smashed” was born. Feels good to be doing a little artwork again. I’m surprised how much detail made it’s way in considering how cluttered my mind feels.

I’m interested to see the next direction the work will go.

Now, time to get back to nesting with a couple Calvin and Hobbes shadow boxes…

Don’t worry…. Management is still supervising closely.

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