T Minus 52 days…

52 days approximately till baby boy arrives and finally, the nursery is coming together…

The theme started as Calvin and Hobbes but kinda went a more, “Best Friends” route. There is a Tim Burton corner with a custom painting sent to me by dear friends (Jack and Sally- I Love You to the Moon and Back). On each of the orange cubes are characters from Burton’s movies and their dog companions (Jack/Zero, Victor/Scraps and Victor/Frankenweenie).

Buzz and Woody hang from the fan. The Calvin and Hobbes canvases are all finished except the green one in the corner, which I hung only to get sizing and measurements right. The light switch covers are all tiger print. The shag rug a very vibrant Cheetos orange.

The baby’s name is going to hang above the window once I figure out how to mount the letters.

The ceiling has some glow in the dark Jack Skellington heads. My hubby says those will scare the baby but I disagree 🙂

Still have a few details to add, like the shadow boxes with Calvin and Hobbes on a sled and in a wagon respectively. And obviously I’ll need to add furniture lol

I’ll post more pictures when it’s finally complete.

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