Designercon 2019 Exclusives preview

Coming back to Designercon this year for the 5th time! November 22-24 at the Anaheim Convention Center. And once again sharing a booth with Mr. Mars Studios. As always, we are bringing the fire to booth #843. Here is a look at just some of what we have on tap.

Cherry Blossom Dragons edition of 18. Of course we have an awesome castle to show these guys off this year.

Banana Split Pit customized Danger Dog one off

Mars and I paired up for a series of Honeytrooper customized Stormtrooper helmets. Each one hand painted and unique. We have three of the smaller 5 inch helmets and 1 of the big 10 inch helmets. Mars will be bringing some custom shelving to display these guys as well.

Frosted Iridescent Charcoal Unicorn Pitties edition of 9. These customized Danger Dogs will come with cute packaging, adoption certificate and dog tag. I also have five one off Unicorn Pitties in various color combos coming as well.

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