What’s on the table?

I was going to start up again on new designer toy designs and get ready for some upcoming toy shows. But all this virus scare has shows cancelling. I’m hoping things get sorted out before Designer Con in November.

In the meantime, I’m focusing on finishing customs and online orders. Plus I’ve recently become addicted to Pinterest and all the things I want to build for my son, the Intern. Of course Management has reminded me that I need to be getting a head start on boxer artwork. So what’s on the table?

April will be White Boxer month on our Facebook page. I’m doing a fundraiser for a deaf dog rescue in honor of my good friends deaf boxer passing. So I have some 5 inch white boxer statues I’m going to give a subtle rainbow touch on for special White & Rainbow Boxer Angels. We will have at least one available for auction, along with a mini and some paintings on different mediums.

I’m almost finished with another Biggie Pittie. This one in iridescent teal and blue themes. I also have a couple Unicorn Pitties waiting for paint jobs. I think I’ll finish several and release the lot at once in the shop. So Pittie fans should keep an eye out for a June/July Pittie extravaganza.

Last, five Mini Rainbow Boxer Angels will be coming to the shop. Plan is to just finish all five and post on our Facebook page when they are in the shop. Try to give everyone a fair shot at snagging one. They’ll come with dog tags ready to customize upon purchase and special packaging. Price wise it’s looking like $125 each.

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