Natural Ear Boxers coming soon…

I have ten natural or floppy ear Mini Rainbow Boxer Angels coming soon. Hoping to get them painted up and listed in the shop in two weeks all at once, so everyone has a chance at snagging one. Here is a sneak peek at one.

There will be plenty of notice on our Facebook page, so if you aren’t following us there, give us a like for plenty of behind the scenes and exclusive deals.

4 thoughts on “Natural Ear Boxers coming soon…

    1. No. Not yet. I have a design I plan to put into production down the line. But at this time I contract that part out to people with more resin experience.

      1. The painting is beautiful. I want to get a kiln and try my hand at pottery. I want to try everything though, so my wallet can only afford so many hobbies!

      2. Thank you. I know what you mean. I’d love to get better at resin figure making but that would require an investment. Hopefully down the road πŸ™‚

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