The Floppy Ear Boxers

If you’ve been following our Facebook or Instagram you’ve been inundated with pictures of Mini Rainbow Boxer Angels with cropped ears. Well if you don’t like boxers, it’s only going to get worse ๐Ÿ˜‰

The first batch of floppy or natural ear boxer figures is here. And I’ve already started the painting process.

Many of you are messaging about pre-orders or how to get your hands on one. So I’ve decided to lay out all the official details here.

The plan is to release ten finished figures on April 26th in the Etsy shop. That’s a Sunday. It’s also the Intern’s “hire date” hence the timing. We wanted to celebrate with something special. As for what time, to avoid an all out clusterf**k, and to give an advantage to someone who really wants to try and grab one, we will be releasing all ten sometime between 5am-7am California time. It will basically depend on what time the Intern wakes me up. So if you’re one of the people that’s going to sit on our shop hitting refresh all morning, good luck! I will post a picture on our Facebook when the figures are live too so follow the page.

Depending on how this first run sells, and whether I can get my hands on another supply of these in the meantime (I don’t make the resin figures, I purchase them pre-made and this covid has thrown off things) will determine if we can do a second run or offer customs in the future.

If you are not able to snag one of the ten released on April 26th or you would like to purchase but need to pay in installments, that list for future orders starts at 7am. So message me via the Facebook page to get on that. I will not take any names for the list starting before that 7am time.

Cost of the figures will be $145 each with US shipping included. You will be able to customize the adoption certificate for your figure as well.

I can’t control it, but it would be great if in this first batch you limit yourself to no more than 2 figures purchased. I know most people have multiple boxers but we all know what it’s like to lose a dog. And just having one figure will bring so much comfort over not being able to ever have one. If later that Sunday there’s still dogs in the shop, feel free to buy another at that time. But based on all the messages I’m getting, these look like they will sell out in the first hour.

Any questions please feel free to message me through our Facebook page.

A preview of all the figures will be posted here the day before to give everyone a chance to plan which boxer they want most.

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