Buckner Extravaganza


In honor of my sweet boy Buckner who passed in 2018, I wanted to start an annual event every September in his memory.  It will take place on September 21st at 8am PST in the Etsy shop.

Eventually it will include other artists boxer artwork with a side auction raising money for rescue. Along with a VIP exhibition preview etc. Unfortunately Covid through off those plans. But for now, this first “Buckner Extravaganza” event will just be a HUGE boxer artwork shop update. This will fund my big ticket fundraising events for 2021.  

Some of the items will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages but for the most part, you will have no idea whats coming 🙂 I can say that there will be a number of boxer statues in various sizes.  A batch of the mini rainbow boxer angels in both floppy ear and cropped ears. Wall art and watercolors. And other surprises that you won’t want to miss if you are a boxer fan.  So mark your calendars! 

Limited edition of 3
Drool Puppy 
3 Rainbow Teacup Boxers and 2 White Rainbow Boxers


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