Ornament Preview

So the wooden handpainted boxer angel ornament release is oct 16th at 8am pacific time in our Etsy shop.

There will be 72 ornaments available total. Each has a solid teal backside that can be customized to include name/date at time of purchase. Each ornament is $27.50 (which includes shipping in the US). They come in a nice nice gift box with hook.

If these sell out, I will try to get another batch done by mid-late November. If they sell out before you are able to get one, I recommend messaging me immediately either through Etsy or Facebook to make sure you get on the wait list.

Please remember Etsy allows multiple people to put the same item in their cart. So plan ahead, especially any customizing. Because while you’re deciding what to write, someone else is entering credit card info on the same ornament.

Good luck everyone!

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