Next Shop Update

The next shop update will be November 15th at 8am PST. This may be the last one of the year as I am leaning towards taking the rest of the year off to spend time with family.

We will have twenty new rainbow boxer angels. I will try to do a few without wings as well.

There will be other handpainted ornaments. Including colorful abstract hermit crabs and aurora polar bears. And the usual feathery bulb ornaments I’ve done in the past.

There will be some limited bulldog angel ornaments. No other dog breeds unfortunately. But I’m hoping to have some more generic dog paws done for dog lovers in general.

Some small works have returned from the gallery. I’ll enter them in the shop. Pieces originally intended for Designer Con will be in this update.

I’ll lower some prices on existing items. Update the SALE section. So a lot of cool things to look out for.

Finally, we will have some new flamed crayon pieces, mini paintings and original watercolors as well.

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