“Looking to Close” 4×6

Finally finished with all the Christmas orders. And took a minute to just paint for enjoyment. I have been working on customs so long. I started to feel like I needed an artistic cleanse of my mind.

I always paint with music on. And when a song affects the colors and ends up in the artwork, I tend to pay tribute to that somehow in the title. As soon as the song “Looking to Close” by Fink came on, this painting took a completely new direction and I was absolutely sure of every stroke and color that had to go on there to complete the finished image in my head.

I don’t know why that particular song grabbed me today. But it felt perfect. It’s like meditating in these moments where the art is guided by something greater than myself. I can’t quite describe how much I needed this after feeling bogged down in set orders.

This little 4×6 watercolor with gold flakes is in the shop now.

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