Custom Valentine’s day cards

So in 2020 I offered up custom valentines day cards for order, and boy, that escalated quickly! They sold out in a couple days and I was up to my eyeballs in tiny watercolor paintings on heart shaped cardstock. And this was in the middle of having the Intern not sleeping through the night. So I got overwhelmed pretty quickly, buckled down and finished the last one saying Never again….

But then Covid happened…and is still happening….

So since we can’t do things the same way we did back in early 2020, I thought people might appreicate the option again of a custom card to send a loved one.

The way to purchase a custom card is through our etsy shop. There are four different styles of cards to choose from. You can order multiples through our package offers. You can get them done in authentic style (aka looks like the picture you send me) or rainbow style (colorful rainbow splash). And I can either send the card back to you to deliver or ship it to the recipient to receive by the holiday.

Right now the cutoff date is February 4th. But if I hit my limit before then I may have to cutoff sooner. So far orders have been at a slow and steady pace that I have been able to keep up. I expect after people see whether they snag one of the custom boxes the orders will start to pick up.

Any questions, feel free to reach out. Best way is messaging through social media or the etsy shop.

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