Matchbook Paintings

Today was a day of painting in miniature with a couple matchbooks. The first was just a little something for fun. I had a blast painting up the sunset boxer Boris. I’m not sure her took the original picture this is based off of but I have always liked pictures of dogs underwater. Especially since my boxers hate the pool.

This one is available in the etsy shop now. All framed up.

The second matchbook was a custom order. The client wanted a painting of her beloved boxer with a background of pinks and reds. After looking at just about a million pink sunsets I finally settled on what I wanted to do for this painting. I like how soft everything looks and how Cedes seems to be almost glowing. It has a rainbow bridge feel to it.

After both of these my back was killing me from leaning over so I just figured I would take the rest of the day off. Tomorrow is the next shop update at 8am PST. Custom box orders and Love Pitties will be added.

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