Behind the Management

After posting a picture of Management yesterday on social media, there have been a lot of questions and some confusion so we thought it was a good time to introduce you officially.

Here are ten things to know about Management

  1. Management’s real name is Mookie. She is our second Management. She started initially as the VP in charge of shipping. And took over her current role as CEO after Buckner stepped down in mid 2018.
  2. Mookie was ‘hired’ in 2008 from Norcal Boxer Rescue on the one year anniversary of my marriage to ‘Corporate’. After an extensive hiring process that had us interviewing several potential candidates, Mookie won the position with one of her signature hugs. And continued to sleep her way to the top, in our bed from that point forward.
  3. Despite working along side me all day long, she is loyal to ‘Corporate’. She is a huge daddy’s girl. She greets him every night when he gets home and sleeps alongside him.
  4. She is like most boxers….hates fireworks, the rain and bathtime. Unlike most boxers, she loves going to the vet.
  5. She doesn’t officially have DM. The vet says it’s weakness in her legs as a result of issues in her spine and abdomen. But because of the wheelchair and stroller, and previous Management having DM, she is often confused for Buck.
Buckner and Mookie
  1. She has a couch in her office for people watching and sunbathing. No one else can sit on this couch except the Intern without hearing an earful from Management.
  2. When she is not being the boss, she loves sunbathing, barking at people along the fence and anything that squeeks.
  3. If she wasn’t Management, she would be an emotional support animal. She is very good at reading peoples emotions and knows who needs a little extra loving. She gives lots of cuddles and smothers you when you’re feeling a little blue. It’s led to plenty of talks from HR.
  4. She has the Intern trained. Anytime he takes a snack break or goes on lunch, he sneaks pieces of it back to her. We had to institute a no fraternization policy after catching them kissing in the break room over a teething cookie.
  5. She gets more Christmas cards and gifts throughout the year than any other employee here. And is the most loved boss around.

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