In Honor of Management

My girl came home yesterday. She’s resting next to her brother. Although if you have boxers, you know it would be more appropriate to put them on top of one another, as that is how they spent most of their lives…

In honor of her memory yesterday, I got started on a few statues that will be used by rescues for fundraising.

This one will be headed to Across America Boxer Rescue when it’s done. I went with a red, white and blue theme. It will be holding a charm of America in it’s paw. The fundraiser is around Management’s birthday in August.

This out space themed boxer will be holding a moon charm in a kind of, “Love you to the moon and back” theme. It’s going to help rescue boxers at Must Luv Boxers Rescue.

I will be coming back to work officially soon. With a shop update that will include the last of the Niles giraffes and a few surprises. And I want to get more boxer work for rescues out. I feel like I owe it to Management to make sure it’s an epic year in helping boxer rescues.

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