“Layers In the Dust”

“Layers In the Dust” 10×10

This is my submission for a group show here locally. I finished it right at the deadline after having started the whole thing several weeks ago.

I tried something very different on this particular piece. It’s four layers of different acrylic paintings. Each done in a fluid style and left to dry several days before beginning the next one. I then took a sanding block and started taking down slivers of color in places. And used a pallet knife to cut and scrape away larger chunks. Finding the painting underneath to shine through. Ending with a power wash to clean up the muddle and chunks of leftover paint. I love the end result and seamless texture.

The month-long exhibition will be hung in the newly renovated exhibition room at 6th Street Studios and Art Center, featuring a floor to ceiling windowed storefront. The exhibition will be open to the public on the weekends. They will hold an indoor/outdoor opening reception for the show, with live music, appetizers, and raffle prizes.

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